Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Both high profile, and arguably the most important components of a successful football team. More credit and blame than they deserve? Probably. I’ve gone back 50 years and chose only one of each as the greatest for selected teams. Some were easy choices, others not so easy.

Coach: Pete Carroll
Holmgren got ‘em to the Super Bowl and Chuck Knox is borderline iconic, but in five short seasons Carroll has already surpassed.
Quarterback: Dave Krieg
Wilson doesn’t yet have the longevity to surpass Krieg. Or Zorn, for that matter. Couple more seasons at the same pace should do it, though.

Coach: Bill Walsh
Legendary. There have been some other good ones, but they don’t come close to Walsh.
Quarterback: Joe Montana
Again, some other good ones. But easy choice.

Coach: Don Coryell
Gotta go with “Air” Coryell here among a rather thin field. Arians is off to a good start.
Quarterback: Jim Hart
A good case could be made for Warner’s short tenure. A very good case. But I’m gonna consider his time in Arizona too short when compared to Hart’s resume.

Coach: Chuck Knox
Knox goes back to the days when this franchise was in Los Angeles. Very close call between Knox and George Allen. Vermeil was unjustly considered a figurehead and was eventually run out of St. Louis.
Quarterback: Kurt Warner
Like Vermeil, Warner eventually fell out of favor in St. Louis. But the glory days the two shared while operating the “greatest show on turf” will be remembered for years to come.

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