Thursday, June 4, 2015

Both high profile, and arguably the most important components of a successful football team. More credit and blame than they deserve? Probably. I’ve gone back 50 years and chose only one of each as the greatest for selected teams. Some were easy choices, others not so easy.

Coach: Andy Reid
Very close call here. I wanted to go with Vermeil simply because I like his personality. But Reid has a slightly better resume.
Quarterback: Donovan McNabb
Again, I wanted to go with someone else - Jaworski. I don’t like McNabb. I think he wilted in the clutch. But then, I don’t recall any clutch heroics from Jaworski either. Randall Cunningham was the most athletic.

Coach: Joe Gibbs
George Allen was cool but Gibbs is the obvious choice here.
Quarterback: Joe Theismann
I don’t want to just simply submit the player with the best stats, so I didn’t do an in-depth resume comparison to players like Rypien, Kilmer, or Jurgenson. Theismann was just the better player.

Coach: Tom Landry
Jimmy Johnson gives him a run, but Landry’s a legend.
Quarterback: Roger Staubach
Aikman was good, but I don’t think he was quite as integral to the team as Staubach was. That’s not to say Aikman wasn’t integral, it’s just that I don’t think he had to shoulder as much as Staubach.

Coach: Bill Parcells
Tom Coughlin is close, but no cigar.
Quarterback: Phil Simms
Simms had a nice Super Bowl but is otherwise slightly overrated. Almost went with Tarkenton.

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