Friday, April 17, 2015


Once upon a time the Grateful Dead did a three night run at Perfect Amphitheater in Perfectland, USA. The shows were scheduled for 7:00PM, the Dead wandered on stage at about 7:20 each night as the sun started to sink toward the horizon, waved to a crowd that was basking in 75 to 85 degree weather under clear skies, tuned up for a few minutes and performed the best versions of their songs available on YouTube, finishing late in the evening under a bright full moon.

I’m asking for help finding the best versions of Grateful Dead songs available on YouTube to create three perfect “DeadTube Concert” playlists. I’ve created three killer set lists and established corresponding YouTube playlists full of the best versions I could find in a limited search. I’m looking for suggested better versions and links (copy the YouTube clip url and paste with your suggestion) to update and improve my playlists. I’ll respond to each sincere suggestion and either use your link or explain why I don’t think it’s better than the current version on the playlist. Either way, your suggestion will be appreciated.
What I’m looking for:
1- Live versions (no studio)
2- I care about audio quality, but don’t care much at all about the video.
3- Unless it’s an occasion where the segue (>) into another song lines up with my set list, only single song clips will be accepted.
4- I’m extremely partial to the “Eyes of the World” I’ve selected, so unless you’re suggesting the same version with better sound quality, I’m probably not gonna budge on that one.

Grateful Dead “Just Exactly Perfect” 1st Night

04-26-72      Submitted by: joetopic
10-31-80      Submitted by: joetopic
03-14-81      Submitted by: joeseddit
??-??-89      Submitted by: joetopic
??-??-??      Submitted by: joetopic
07-07-89       Submitted by: joetopic
03-28-81        Submitted by: joetopic
05-09-87       Submitted by: joeseddit
05-07-77       Submitted by: joeseddit
08-07-82        Submitted by: joetopic
??-??-??        Submitted by: joetopic
05-09-77         Submitted by: joetopic
09-03-77         Submitted by: joeseddit
09-03-77         Submitted by: joetopic
08-08-82         Submitted by: joeseddit


                                                                                                                             Grateful Dead “Just Exactly Perfect” 2nd Night
                                                                                                                             Grateful Dead “Just Exactly Perfect” 3rd Night

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