Friday, August 14, 2015

                                       For A Limited Time Only

I’ve unlocked one of my YouTube playlists and am making it public for a limited time only. Now’s your chance to listen to it while supplies last.
Well, listen to it if you want to. I was gonna submit my various based on theme playlists one by one. But to hell with ‘dat. Let’s just cut to the chase. I’ma go on and unlock the mother playlist. The melting pot, the conglomerate, everything but the kitchen sink. No theme whatsoever. “None”. Like the other playlist, this one isn’t lacking for cheese. But it also has some classics in it and everything in between. Pick a random spot to start ‘cuz you’ll never listen to all of it. Hours and hours of music. My own personal radio station that plays only songs that I like. Of course YOU won’t like every one of these songs. Unless you’re another me from a parallel universe. But you’re bound to like at least some of it.

EDIT: 3-5-16
I've restored this post 'cuz it allows me easier access to this playlist when I'm away from my home computer. So I guess this won't be public for a "limited" time after all. More like "For an Indefinite Time Only".  


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