Friday, July 17, 2015

All-Tournament Team Ballot

We’re looking for 15 nominees (songs) from those who participated in the tournament voting process. After the nominees are established, we ask each voter to rate their top 10 candidates in order with the stipulation that you can only vote for nominees from someone else’s list. You can vote for a song from your own list if it’s on someone else’s list, but any other song on your own list is off limits. The songs will be given point values based on the ratings (10 points for first, 1 point for tenth) and combined to make up hopefully a first and second team at least (5 songs per group). We’ll go third team if total songs allows. The criteria will be which songs were most valuable- or played best - during the tournament.
I’m gonna limit this to just those who voted in the tourney. I won’t be able to monitor as often this weekend so here’s the plan: Post your 15 nominees in the comment section. Drunk is welcome to participate but I’m not sure if he’s gonna so we’ll consider the voting period to begin as soon as TS, Larry and joeseddit have submitted their nominees. If I can get to it I’ll list the nominees in the body of this post but you don’t have to wait on me. Go ahead and submit your votes in the comment section. No deadline. It’s done when we’re done. I’ll tally the scores (you guys are welcome to do so if I’m lagging) and post first, second and third team on a separate page with a nice headline. I won’t delete this page afterwards  but I will delete if from the index. I’ll put a small link on the “nice headline” page if you guys wanna refer back to this page, which I’m treating as basically a worksheet.
Fire when ready.

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