Monday, May 11, 2015

I’ve got a couple of crates full of old vinyl albums that I haven’t listened to in years due to lack of equipment to play them. Over a period of about a year and a half I revisited each album on the internet or bought the CD and ranked the songs. I also recorded some brief thoughts, rated the album, and posted the results on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Artists comment section. I’m recycling and categorizing/grouping the posts on this website.

John Barleycorn Must Die
To this day I still don’t know how to classify this music. Certainly wasn’t “mainstream” back in the days when I first started listening to it. Good album. Brings back memories - I got a “contact” high reviewing it. “Glad” might just be my favorite Traffic song.
Scale of 1 to 10:  A

1- Glad
2- Stranger To Himself
3- John Barleycorn
4- Freedom Rider
5- Every Mother’s Son
6- Empty Pages

Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
The title song has always been a favorite, ‘specially back in the stoner days. I always ranked this one ahead of “Barleycorn”, but after having revisited both, I no longer think this is the better Traffic album. Still a good one, though.
Scale of 1 to 10:  A -

1- The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
2- Many a Mile to Freedom
3- Hidden Treasure
4- Rainmaker
5- Rock ‘n Roll Stew
6- Light Up or Leave Me Alone

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