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Friday, April 10, 2015


In 1996, a panel of media members and former players, coaches and general managers compiled a list of the top 50 NBA players in history. (

What we’re looking for here is two-part:

1- The best pre-1997 players who did not make the list.
Example : Reggie Miller, Bob Lanier, Dominique Wilkins, Bernard King

2- Your candidates for a revised list that would include post-1997 players; AND who you would bump from the original list to make room.
Example: Kobe and Lebron in; Pippen and Parish out.

Here’s the list:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Karl Malone
Tiny Archibald
Moses Malone
Paul Arizin
Pete Maravich
Charles Barkley
Kevin McHale
Rick Barry
George Mikan
Elgin Baylor
Earl Monroe
Dave Bing
Shaquille O'Neal
Larry Bird
Hakeem Olajuwon
Wilt Chamberlain
Robert Parish
Bob Cousy
Bob Pettit
Dave Cowens
Scottie Pippen
Billy Cunningham
Willis Reed
Dave DeBusschere
Oscar Robertson
Clyde Drexler
David Robinson
Julius Erving
Bill Russell
Patrick Ewing
Dolph Schayes
Walt Frazier
Bill Sharman
George Gervin
John Stockton
Hal Greer
Isiah Thomas
John Havlicek
Nate Thurmond
Elvin Hayes
Wes Unseld
Magic Johnson
Bill Walton
Sam Jones
Jerry West
Michael Jordan
Lenny Wilkens
Jerry Lucas
James Worthy

I’d like to make one stipulation, though. Keep it in the spirit of the list’s intention. We all know that players are bigger and stronger today than they were 50 years ago. There may be guys on the bench today that are more talented than Bob Cousy. So consider the player only for his value in his own era.

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