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I’ve installed what I think is one of the better comment sections I’ve seen in terms of tracking a conversation. My intention is to submit a brief post concerning a topic that might generate a variety of opinions and a bit of discussion.
Posting a Comment
I have set the comment section to allow comments without registration, thus allowing anonymous (any screen name you choose) posts. Click on the blue link (below the post) that says (#) Comments or - if (#) Comments does not appear - the blue link indicating the time posted . Type your comment in the box that says “Start ( or Join) the discussion…”. When you are done typing, click the box that says “name”. Type in the screen name you want to use for your comment. Hit the “Tab” button or click the box below your screen name and enter a valid e-mail address. Click the “I’d rather post as guest” box. Click the arrow button at the right and your comment should appear. 
Posting a Reply
You can reply to a comment that has already been posted by clicking “Reply” under the comment you wish to respond to.
Screen Name
If you prefer, you can sign in with a Disqus (the comment program), Facebook, Twitter or Google account. I believe using a Disqus account allows you to edit your comments after posting. Not sure what other features are available with Disqus or if there are any features available through use of the other three accounts. 
Why was my comment deleted?
The ground rules here are lenient so if your comment was deleted you probably already know why. But I would like to point out a couple of reasons that may not be so obvious:
Exposing Another Commenter’s Identity
If someone is not using their real name as their screen name, it is to be assumed that he or she prefers to not post their actual name in this forum. That is perfectly acceptable for now.
Impersonating Another Commenter
Intentionally using someone else’s screen name to make comments will not be tolerated. The comment will be deleted and a repeat offender will be banned from future posts. The dilemma, of course, is to determine when such an instance has occurred. It will mostly be up to the offended to report such cases.

See the “INDEX” tab for a listing of topics and links to posts.

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