Wednesday, May 6, 2015

                   IS IT JUST ME? (Probably)
                            Or is the “bunny ears” prank played out?

During the team’s visit to the White House honoring Ohio St’s football championship, one of the players on the team gave President Obama the “bunny ears” while posing for the group photo. ( ears photo) Ok, so maybe considering the brashness of such a stunt under circumstances involving the country’s highest ranking official, it may have been a little funny. But then again, not really.
Isn’t this prank about thirty years past funny? It’s not original. It’s like the same knock-knock joke over and over again. I can’t recall anyone busting a gut laughing while slapping their knee at the site of uncle whoever pulling the bunny ears prank during the family reunion photo. I have, however, seen many a cameraman moan “c’mon, man” as he realigns his camera to take a second picture. I’ve also heard the comment when viewing photos, “would have been a nice picture if not for…”
So I ask you, is it just me or is it time for grown-ass men/women to holster the bunny ears?

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